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Sexy Step-Mother Giantess

Terra Mizu

09:55 Film Jun 7, 2024

You came home from school early and found your stepmother, Terra Mizu, getting ready to go out. But Step-Dad is out of town and she's dressed really... HOT. "Well, I guess there's no use keeping secrets," she tells you. "Your step-father's a piece of garbage and I'm headed out to go fuck a lot of guys. A LOT." But before you can get away to warn Step-Dad, she pulls out a shrink ray she got on Amazonia and reduces you to tiny, useless size. You're inches tall now! Your giantess stepmom taunts you and makes you feel as small as you now physically are. She knows you've been watching her in the shower, and she offers you a taste of what you'll never have. Your stepmom rubs her big tits through her dress and pulls them out, pushing and squeezing them into your face to taunt you. You like that? HA! You'll never get it, you tiny excuse for a man. Just like your step-dad! What about her ass? Oh, yeah, you'd like a piece of that, wouldn't you? Well, keep wishing, tiny stepson. Your whole body is smaller than the size dick she wants. You're still thinking of telling your step-dad, aren't you? She ought to just take off her shoes and stomp you FLAT.


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