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Foot Tickling Jerky Customer

Jeff Drizzle, Terra Mizu

08:46 Film May 3, 2024

Terra Mizu TOOK CONTROL OF THE COMPANY from Richard Lennox, and now she's taking control of the customer base. Jeff Drizzle left a nasty review of her company's product online, and the next thing he knows, he's tied up in his underwear in Terra's office. "Where am I?! What the fuck is going on!" Terra is delighted he's finally up so she can confront him about the negative Yelp review he wrote for Mizu & Lennox Foot Cream. Saying bad things about HER company is unacceptable! "But... But it made my feet break out in a rash!" Terra suggests that PERHAPS his feet are just too sensitive, and proposes a test to see how sensitive they are. She tickles his feet through his socks as he squirms on the table. "NO! NO! HAHAHAHAHA! You're CRAZY, lady!" Undeterred, she yanks off his socks to tickle his bare feet with her fingertips. "Will you change your review?" "NO! HAHAHAHA! I stand by my words!" Well, then, perhaps she should try some other fine Mizu & Lennox foot products... The company also makes hairbrushes and toothbrushes. Let's see how THOSE feel, foot tickling you...


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